Clean Air Kitchen

It costs $240 to build one Clean Air Kitchen. Each family will contribute $40 towards their kitchen. Your donation today will directly help a family make a Clean Air Kitchen a reality in their home.

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More about Clean Air Kitchen

In rural Nicaragua, the carbon monoxide concentration in a typical kitchen is 400ppm which is considered life threatening after only 3 hours of exposure. The carbon monoxide concentration in a Clean Air Kitchen is only 5ppm.  

The Problem: In rural Nicaraguan homes, smoke inhalation from indoor, wood-burning stoves is the leading cause of respiratory disease, as well as a major killer of children under 5 years old. In addition, preventable illnesses are spread by food prepared on porous wooden tables and concrete surfaces that are difficult to sanitize. 

The Solution: Affordable kitchens that feature a smokeless stove and a tiled food preparation area can prevent sickness and disease caused by unhealthy food preparation conditions. 

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