Parasite Microscope

Program Area: Health Care

With a high-power, portable microscope, our Health Team will be able to enhance their preventative education by demonstrating the presence and negative consequences of parasites to families.

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More about Parasite Microscope

Excellent preventative education can empower rural families to avoid parasites and live longer, healthier lives.

Reality Families in rural communities often have little or no access to accurate information about their health. While construction of a water system and bathrooms combats the risk of parasites, infrastructural improvements must be paired with in-depth education about healthy habits; if not, unhealthy behaviors will persist and compromise the effectiveness of these projects.

What your gift will do Purchase a high-power, portable microscope that our Health Team will use to enhance their preventative education by allowing families to actually see the presence of parasites in their community, ultimately empowering parents to safeguard their family from disease and build healthy habits.

Why it matters Limited access to accurate information makes those in rural communities vulnerable to misinformation about their health, reducing wellbeing and shortening life spans. By providing excellent, interactive preventative education, we can empower rural families to live longer, healthier lives.

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