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Program Area: Health Care

When you give a Gift of Opportunity, we will send a card to honor the person of your choice. In Nicaragua, a family will benefit from your gift for years to come.

Each Clean Air Kitchen costs $200.

More about Give a Clean Air Kitchen

A Clean Air Kitchen featuring a Smokeless Onil Cookstove and a tiled cooking surface can create dramatically healthier cooking conditions for rural Nicaraguan families.

Reality Smoke inhalation from indoor, wood-burning stoves is the leading cause of respiratory disease. Preventable illnesses are spread by food prepared on surfaces that are difficult to sanitize.

What your gift will do Pay 90 percent of the cost of a Clean Air Kitchen featuring a Smokeless Onil Cookstove and a tiled cooking surface. The remaining ten percent will be paid by the family receiving the kitchen.

Why it matters By redirecting smoke outside the home, the Smokeless Onil Cookstove reduces the carbon monoxide concentration in a Nicaraguan home from 400 ppm to only 5 ppm. In combination with a tiled cooking surface that allows for sanitary food preparation and post-meal cleanup, Clean Air Kitchens create dramatically healthier conditions for women and children. In addition, the money families save on firewood can pay for their portion of the kitchen in as little as two months, and continued savings can be used to invest in their homes, educations, businesses, and futures.


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