Give a Pregnant Pig

Program Area: Economic Development

When you give a Gift of Opportunity, we will send a card to honor the person of your choice. In Nicaragua, a family will benefit from your gift for years to come.

Each pregnant pig costs $100.

More about Give a Pregnant Pig

By increasing income and improving overall nutrition, livestock ownership enables families to live healthier lives and invest in their futures.

Reality Over half of the Nicaraguan population lives on less than $3 per day, and in extreme cases in rural areas that amount drops to less than $1 per day. Due to these economic constraints, Nicaraguan families reduce their meat, invest less in health and education, and in some cases remove their children from school.

What your gift will do Purchase a pregnant pig that will be loaned to a Nicaraguan family. 

Why it matters The average litter has between 10 and 12 piglets, which can sell for up to $30 each. With the supplemental income derived from animal reproduction and sales, families can send their kids to school, improve their homes, and invest in their futures. In addition, families can add critical nutrients to their diet by eating the meat produced by their pig. At the end of the loaning cycle, the family returns one piglet to Amigos and it is "paid forward" to another family, allowing the cycle of opportunity to continue.


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