Give to Modern Bathrooms (Monthly)

Give to Modern Bathrooms (Monthly)

Your donation will go directly towards helping a family fund their Modern Bathroom. If you prefer to give a one-time gift, click here.

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The Problem: Improper sanitation causes intestinal parasites and diarrhea, two of the main causes of death in children under the age of 5 in Nicaragua. Without the ability to bathe in clean, running water, families are more susceptible to skin disease. Although there is a solution, poor farming communities do not have the resources to make it a reality.


The Solution: A modern bathroom that includes a flush toilet and a shower. The flush toilet will end the parasite cycle and reduce chronic diarrhea. The shower will decrease the incidence of skin disease. When Amigos for Christ funds 90% of the construction materials and the families contribute 10%, the bathrooms are built and lives are saved. 


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