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1 John 4:19 reminds us that,"we though are going to love- love and be loved. First we were loved, now we love." The opportunity that has sprung up from this gift of Love is exciting for me to share. As I have continued to embrace this Love, I've realized that Love always exists as a movement. The movement of love has greeted me equally in both giving and receiving.

This movement of love has ushered me through the years whether that was through schools, in Church, with family or with friends. This movement of love has shown me an amazingly supportive group of family, friends and an overall community. And through this support and encouragement- I have been given the chance to grow and learn with great confidence knowing that people are behind me- proud of each step I take. And my steps in this movement of Love have lead me face-to-face with what I feel most passionate about- serving in Nicaragua. 

As I have buried the importance of the AMDG (or living a life for the greater glory of God) in my heart- the drive to follow my dreams and keep love as a movement has been of the highest importance.

Through my sharing, I hope that we can each move forward- giving with our whole selves to this movement of Love. And as I plan to move to Chinandega, Nicaragua in July 2014 to work alongside of the Amigos' Education Team on their scholarship program for high school and college students, I hope that you can contribute to in my step forward in this Love.

To live and work in Nicaragua- I am to raise $20,840 which will cover my health insurance, transportation, a monthly stipend and room and board. Please consider teaming up with me in this way and being a part of my movement of Love in Nicaragua. Along with raising funds to live in Nicaragua, I firstly recognize the importance of raising a spiritually supportive community so please consider joining with me in prayer and peace as I prepare now and further move to Chinandega- for that support will greatly energize me, the team and our work. Feel free to let me know if you'd like to learn more about what I'll be doing specifically or what Amigos is doing overall at 314-341-4613 or at danny@amigosforchrist.org

I am so thrilled that I get to share in this opportunity to spread love with you- for as 1 John reminds us, we "are going to love [both] love and be loved". Let's keep it a movement, friends.

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Please mail to:  Amigos for Christ, 1845 South Lee Ct. Suite A, Buford GA 30518.  Be sure to include "Danny Duggan Support"

Expense Monthly      Total
Salary  $300  $7,200
Health Insurance  $150 $3,600
Transportation $116.67 $2,800
Room & Board $200 $4,800
Education/Training $10 $240
Moving Budget $8.33 $200
Emergency/Savings $83.33 $2,000
TOTAL $868.33 $20,840
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